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What is REM Sleep and Why Does it Matter?

Although sleep can feel like a passive activity, it is actually a very active time for our minds. Within five different stages, including REM sleep, our bodies heal and process information learned during the day. From

How Furniture is Made

Many methods and theories for the construction of fine furniture used 300 years ago are still in use today. Technology has automated some parts of the process and mass production using synthetic materials are now

Select the Right Furniture to Suit Your Lifestyle

As people go through different stages of their lives, their lifestyles change accordingly. Furniture Country has been serving the Gainesville community since 1984, bringing you the best combination of furniture style and value for your

Put Your Living Room in the Best Light

At Furniture Country we help our customers create living room spaces that reflect their own sense of style using our broad selection of furniture brands, designs and colors. Even the perfect living room furniture, however,

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