Many methods and theories for the construction of fine furniture used 300 years ago are still in use today. Technology has automated some parts of the process and mass production using synthetic materials are now used to produce lower priced, but still highly functional, furniture.

Characteristics of fine furniture construction are often hidden from sight. Look for dovetail construction, dowels and corner blocks in drawers. Mortise and tenon joints with the right glue make legs, slats and back posts particularly strong and durable. Popularly priced merchandise use other methods to reduce the time and cost of construction.

The furniture material itself can be all wood (finer furniture) or composite wood (popular priced furniture). For all wood pieces, either hard woods or soft woods can be used. Popular hard woods include walnut, oak, mahogany, and cherry. Soft woods include pine, cedar, and redwood. Wood veneers are thin strips of wood that can be applied to composite forms to give a finer furniture look to popular priced furniture pieces.

Pieces can be totally custom made with craftsmen cutting pieces from native wood stock and building to a specific single design or assembled by hand using design templates and precut pieces. Other assembly methods include using totally factory milled pieces cut and packaged for assembly on site. This is called RTO…ready to assemble…furniture. This type of furniture is especially cost-effective because a central point of manufacture with high capacity provides volume efficiencies while shipping unassembled furniture costs less than pre-built pieces.

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