The purchase of home furnishings can often be a big investment.  Whether buying a new home or re-decorating a current home, it is not uncommon to need more than one piece of furniture and multiple accessories.

The way you pay for this kind of purchase is an important decision.  Furniture Country has been serving the needs of families in Gainesville and the surrounding area since 1984.  We help meet our customers’ financing needs by providing a broad range of price points for quality home furnishings along with flexible purchase options.


Some customers plan their major purchases far in advance and save in order to make the purchase with cash.  A cash purchase avoids any financing charges and eliminates the need to make periodic payments.

2. Credit Card

Other customers prefer to use a personal credit card.  This allows them flexibility to delay paying for the purchase in full until the next credit card statement and avoid interest charges or pay the purchase over time, accepting the interest charges stipulated by the card issuer.  These buyers need to make sure they use a card with the lowest interest rate.

3. Financing

Furniture Country also offers a variety of financing plans for customers that do not have, or do not want to use, a personal credit card.  Some programs that do not require a credit check are available for those without established credit.  These programs provide a fixed monthly cost for a defined period of time so customers can plan for it in their budgeting while avoiding the need to pay the entire cost at the time of purchase.  During special promotional periods no interest financing programs are made available for a limited time.  These programs are very budget-friendly because it allows customers to pay the net cost of the purchase over time without incurring interest charges.  If this option is selected make sure you understand the terms of payment to avoid any possibility of back charges when the contract duration expires.

4. Layaway

Finally, Furniture Country also provides a layaway program.  This is a good option for customers that do not need the furnishings immediately while making periodic payments without incurring financing charges.

Every customer has their individual home furnishing needs and their individual budget considerations.  At Furniture Country we strive to make many purchase options available to suit any specific need.  Let us help you find the best products and purchase option for your next living room, bedroom, dining room, mattress or other home furnishings project.